Good Pub Grub

It was my birthday this week and what better way to mark it than to share food with family and friends? Although I realise that not everyone gets quite as excited by eating as I do, finding a good restaurant in which to relax, eat and drink will certainly put everyone in a celebratory mood! This week I dined out twice, in two different parts of the country, so here’s what I thought…

Sunday 4th March- The Egypt Mill, Nailsworth

The Egypt Mill is a picturesque little hotel that sits on the edge of the River Frome in Gloucestershire. Its quirky decor compliments its history as an old corn mill and there are even two working water wheels to be seen.

To start, my family and I ordered the Mixed Platter to Share which comprised of a typical Mediterranean selection of olives, cured meats, various breads and baby sweet poponcini peppers. It was lovely and certainly got our taste buds ready for what was to come. For our main course, four out of six of us were tempted by the Piri Piri-Style Red Mullet with Chorizo Potatoes and Paprika Green Beans. This was just simply delicious! The mullet was full of tangy flavours that were superbly matched by a side of crushed potatoes and oily chorizo.  The beans in truth did not taste particularly of paprika but it worked really well altogether and the presentation was beautiful. The portions were not particularly big, which sometimes I can struggle to accept, but after tasting the fish, I couldn’t really complain.

We were all successfully enticed by the sweet menu for which the highlight seemed to be a generous helping of sticky toffee pudding and the selection of taster desserts which included a small portion of a dessert and a coffee. These were enjoyed by all and we went away feeling happy and well fed.

I would definitely recommend the restaurant. It provided us with a lovely environment to catch up and enjoy a birthday meal together.

Monday 5th March- The Broad Face, Abingdon

On Monday evening, I ate out again with some friends at The Broad Face in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. When we arrived it just happened to be Steak Night so you guessed it, we went for it!

Our steaks came from the Black Rock Grill menu meaning that they were served on a black rock, heated to 440ᵒc and sizzling. As they arrived in a flurry of smoke, my senses took over, my eyes widened and my mouth was watering. The meat did not disappoint. It was absolutely, mouth-wateringly succulent and I enjoyed every mouthful. I would not hesitate to go to The Broad Face again. The restaurant was a little quiet and the service was a bit slow but with the company and the food that was presented to us, I would not be deterred from returning.  If you are planning a trip to eat out in Abingdon, why not wait until a Monday night when you will find the steak menu discounted? My sirloin steak was priced at £13.